Teaming with Your Hormones

my greatest fear is that pms doesn't exist and this is my real personality



We’ve all joked about PMS and crazy hormones. But what you may not realize is that hormones don’t have to be your enemy- if you learn to work with them they can actually become your BFF. That’s why its vital to understand how your hormones change every month, which you can do here, and work with them week by week so that you feel your best all month round.

The changing hormone levels in a woman’s body can mean that her energy levels, libido and creativity will vary across the month. Here is a simple breakdown of what your feeling and how to work with it from week to week during the a complete monthly cycle.


This is the time when you think that your suppose to be exhausted and in pain, and its true, for some time in the menstrual cycle you will feel a bit down but that’s because your estrogen and progesterone are low. However, during this time your estrogen will rise again giving you a creative spark with some instances of euphoria. Yoga is good for this time because your relaxing your body. Also try to tune into your creativity at this time by trying new things and expressing yourself.


The follicle-stimulating hormone is rising and so is estrogen which means your energy continues to rise. This is a good time to start major projects as you have great energy levels. Trying new sports is also a good idea for this time.


Your follicle-stimulating hormone continues to rise as well as the luteinizing hormone which means that you have better coordination and more clearer thoughts during this phase. Your communication skills are heightened  so do the talking! High energy means that you can withstand higher intensity workouts as well.


Progesterone rises which causes your temperature to rise and you may feel hot flushes. As you approach your period mood swings will develop as well as bloating and irritability. Try to be comfortable during this time and focus on yourself. Avoid salt foods so you don’t make bloating worse.

How do you feel during the month? Tell us below!

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