Understanding How the Pill Affects You




Since I’m talking about women’s health I have to talk about the inevitable topic: the pill. With so many ladies, young and old, taking the pill today the topic is one that is relevant to all women. To begin with the pill a.k.a the birth control pill and the contraceptive pill is actually made for contraception- I know that is obvious but a large number of women, if not the majority, actually take it to ‘treat’ common hormonal and reproductive problems such as irregular, painful periods, acne, and PCOS. Unfortunately many ladies don’t know how the pill is actually working inside their bodies. So I’m going to keep it nice and simple.

The pill is made of the two synthetic hormones estrogen and progesterone. This means that these hormones act like the natural estrogen and progesterone that occur in the female body except they’re a higher dose. When you take the pill your hormonal balance will be altered and your body will be ‘tricked’ into thinking that it’s pregnant-all the time. And so you won’t ovulate and subsequently no pregnancy can occur. But this isn’t the only way the pill prevents pregnancy, it can also thicken the mucus in the cervix thus stopping the sperm from reaching the uterus.

The point here is that when your on the pill your not ovulating, which means your not having a period. The bleeding that occurs each month is actually a break through bleed that is forced by the pill. The absence of ovulation and disrupted hormone balance caused by the pill can lead to a number of problems including:

1. Increased stress levels because of the higher estrogen levels in your blood

2. Decline in fertility and even infertility

3. Impaired gut health leading to lack of absorption of key nutrients and minerals

4. Side effects such as migraines, depression, breast tenderness, loss of libido

5. Increased risk of cervical and breast cancer


While the pill is effective for preventing pregnancies it can be masking an array of hormonal problems that will reappear when you come off it. One of the common reasons fort taking the pill is for treating acne but when many ladies come off it their acne reoccurs, that’s because they haven’t treated the root cause.

OK, so that was a very dreary post and I promised to keep it short! But don’t worry if you are hormonally healthy and your not experiencing nasty side effects then you can stay on the pill if you choose to. If not, its best to seek answers for your hormonal problems (starting from my blog!) and see what options you have for healing.

Always remember that nothing is impossible and its never too late for change!


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