Cleaning Up Your Cabinet


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Some of the products you use everyday can greatly impact the way your endocrine system functions. Many everyday products contain endocrine disruptors which are chemicals that mimic hormones or bind to hormone receptors in our cells thus causing problems for the endocrine system. You may think that if you  don’t have any hormonal problem that you can go on using these products. But the reality is different, these chemicals can accumulate in your body over years and only show up as serious problems later on.

Making changes now can help you avoid hormonal problems in the future and if you do have hormonal problems these changes will help you start your healing process. These chemicals should not be taken lightly as research has shown a link between exposure to endocrine disruptors and female reproductive problems, male infertility,and some cancers.

Products that contain endocrine disruptors can be found throughout your household from plastics and food to cosmetics and cleaning agents. The good thing is that these things can be replaced easily by safer and more environmentally friendly products.

Here are some of the most common endocrine disruptors that you should try and avoid:

  • Pthalates including DBP, DEHP. These can be found in deodorants, nail polish, body lotion and food packaging .
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES). These can be found in shampoos, shower gels and toothpastes.
  • Parabens. These include ingredients with ethyl, propyl, butyl and methyl. These can be found in skin creams, concealers, foundations and facial masks.
  • Anolamines such as DEA, TEA and MEA. Found in soap, eyeliner, hairspray and shaving cream.
  • Petrolatum. Found in skin and lip moisturizers.
  • BPA. Is found in plastic containers, bottles and cans.
  • Pesticides are also endocrine disruptors.

It may seem like a big list of things to avoid but good alternatives are readily available in supermarkets and online and switching to these products shouldn’t be too hard. Many safe self-care and cosmetic products are now available as well as natural cleaning agents that don’t cause allergies or health problems. In terms of pesticides the best way to avoid them is to try and eat organic fruit and vegetables as often as possible. Plastic containers and water bottles are okay to use provided they’re not left in the sun or heated. Alternatively try to use glass bottles and aluminum containers for food and drink storage.


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